Italian Essence

The essence of a breeze.

NAO fragrances are born with the wind and are carried by a light breeze. It’s the same breeze that we feel on summer afternoons, drying skin wet from the sea; making everything clear, limpid and bright like the sun reflecting on the water.

NAO conserves and recalls genuine sensations associated with the sea and the land of an incomparably beautiful Region. These range from spectacular views to Mediterranean vegetation, and from culture and tradition to the most exclusive luxury.

Creûza de mä

This fragrance comes from an intense and captivating experience in the Hanbury Botanical Gardens, where citrus and woody scents blend perfectly to bestow a metallic and salty undertone.A window on the sea tells of the indomitable and enchanting power of nature.

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Sea breezes smooth the rocky coast and mingle with the aromas of cypress, myrtle, rosemary, juniper and lemon that surround the area between Paraggi and Portofino.

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